” … I have received nothing but rave comments on the energy sufficient lighting upgrades in my 71 Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations … Valvoline employees have commented on the “dramatic improvement” of the new lighting. The new lighting has enhanced the productivity and efficiency of my workers. The project involved coordinating lighting upgrades in multiple locations over numerous cities. I am very pleased with Eco Engineering’s responsiveness; your service was excellent.”

Regional Manager, Valvoline

Eco Engineering in the Retail Industry

Eco Engineering has managed energy efficient lighting system upgrade projects across a variety of facilities for its clients in the Retail industry. Past engagements have been as diverse as multiple store programs, single store upgrades, and projects in office buildings and distribution centers. The extent of Eco Engineering’s work in the Retail sector spans millions of square feet of interior space as well as a multitude of exterior parking lots and parking garages.

An increasing number of retailers are implementing store lighting retrofits as an on-going, multi-pronged program rather than a massive, all-at-once initiative. Rapid technology changes in the lighting industry and a regular flow of new solutions provide incremental energy savings and aesthetic improvements. For retailers with many stores, in different geographic regions, served by different utilities with a range of incentive programs, it is cumbersome for them to coordinate the efforts of multiple local and regional lighting service providers. Eco Engineering has a national presence and a central management process to assist retailers with the management and tracking of all their energy efficient lighting upgrade programs to ensure consistent implementation of corporate standards. Eco Engineering is equally experienced in designing and installing upgraded lighting systems in large facilities such as distribution centers and office buildings.  With long established processes to provide maximum energy savings, occupant and facility-wide control solutions, and longer duration installations, Eco Engineering excels in these single location projects.

Whether managing a nationwide multi-site lighting upgrade program or single site projects, Eco Engineering has earned accolades in terms of safety, cleanliness, courtesy, professionalism, and proper disposal of all materials removed from the job site.