“Everyone at Eco Engineering, including sales resources, engineers, and installers were focused on making sure we understood all the steps in the process and that we were ready to move forward with each phase. We were particularly impressed with their ability to work around our residents without interruption. The sample phase was proof in the pudding that savings were attainable.”

Administrator, Rosedale Manor

Eco Engineering in the Healthcare Industry

Eco Engineering has a long history of successfully completing energy efficient lighting projects in the healthcare marketplace.

Implementing energy efficient lighting solutions in many healthcare environments requires coordinating crews and providing installation in a tightly scheduled operation. Some of these projects must be implemented within a 24 by 7 operating cycle. Eco Engineering has earned the reputation of providing outstanding customer service and non-disruptive installation for our healthcare customers and we continue to provide maximum flexibility in scheduling and implementation in order to address the unique needs of a 24 by 7 operation.

Planning our work and tightly controlling how we execute our plan helps us earn accolades in terms of safety, courtesy, public care, cleanliness, professionalism and proper disposal of all materials removed from the job site.

Eco Engineering understands that the foundation of an energy efficient lighting solution begins with engineering and sound design, in addition to adopting state of the art lighting systems and technologies.

Download the University Health Care System of Augusta Case Study and learn how they used occupancy sensors and daylight controls to save $443,628 for the first year of renovation.