ESCO Partnerships

Eco Engineering is often called on to partner with select Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) to perform the lighting portion of an energy performance contract involving multiple energy conservation measures. These ESCOs count on Eco Engineering to maximize energy savings through our lighting design build services. They look for significant experience in lighting technologies, overall engineering abilities, and quality execution at affordable project fees which aid in their own overall project bid to the client. The lighting portion alone on these projects often involves an investment of more than $1 million and the ESCOs cannot afford to trust any sub-contractor relationship at face value. They do their homework; they monitor performance; they follow rigorous pre/post evaluation processes. That is one of the reasons ESCOs choose to partner with Eco Engineering.

We have worked with a variety of large, national ESCOs who have considerable energy efficiency expertise within their own enterprises. Yet, they may seek out alternative lighting designs, or “good, better, best” engineering solutions to evaluate the tradeoff between maximizing energy savings and the rigorous project payout requirements associated with Performance contracting in the Education or Government sectors.

We also work with a number of regional ESCOs who specialize in a particular sector and may require deeper engineering expertise. Our reputation among this group is growing as a partner who can help the regional ESCO differentiate its overall solution in the lighting portion of the proposal. That differentiation may lead to an important contract for the regional ESCO and Eco Engineering ends up with the lighting and controls portion of the project.

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