Commercial Building Envelope Energy Solutions


Avg Energy Saved per Year BTU

1.3 m+

Avg Energy Saved per Year kWh

13400 +

Facilities Upgraded

4000 +

EPC Lighting Projects

Building Envelope Optimization

  • Turnkey, Integrated Energy Service Solutions Partner
  • Nationwide, licensed engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor
  • Full EPC services to seamlessly design, manage and install energy saving lighting retrofits, optimize building envelope and more
  • Investment grade audits using state of the art software and infrared cameras
  • Provide superior services such as inspections, infrared testing, building design and operating system, and air flow analysis
  • Over 25 years working with ESCO partners and Energy Service Performance Contracts
  • Celebrating 30 years assisting Fortune 1000 customers upgrade facilities to achieve energy and cost goals

Methods to Optimize a Building Envelope

We can maximize energy savings and improve the Environmental Visual Quality (EVQ) of your facility by optimizing energy costs with building envelope solutions and integrate the process as part of your energy efficiency project.

AC Unit Window Weatherization

Window air conditioning units typically have gaps and holes around window sashes and around the unit itself that are often some of the largest direct connection points between the interior environment and the outdoors in a building. Left in year-round, window AC units can be a significant source of wasted energy.

Attic Air Barrier Sealing

The primary surface that separates the conditioned spaces from the unconditioned attic is used as the air barrier in a building where insulating the flat attic surface is optimal and can be a major source of energy inefficiency. Bypasses that connect the conditioned space and unconditioned attic need to be blocked and sealed to create an effective air barrier.

Building Insulation

One of the most impactful solutions to improving energy efficiency is ensuring proper insulation in a building. Building insulation products such as spray foam, blown-in and batt insulation can help maintain energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs, making buildings more efficient and comfortable year round.

Buck Frame Sealing

Doors, windows, and wall assemblies are installed in rough openings in the shell of the building. Installers often do not properly seal the perimeter of the window in the rough opening prior to installing the finish casing and trim. The pathway between the perimeter of the unit and the rough opening in the shell of the building is often large because doors and windows are regularly “shimmed” into place in out-of-square openings.


Often, installers do not properly seal the perimeters of doors, windows, and other wall assemblies that are installed in rough openings in the shell of the building prior to installing finish casing and trim.

Door Weather Stripping

Doors are often installed out of square or out of plum. Installation weaknesses, poor weather-stripping product selection, and deterioration of weather-stripping products create air leakage pathways around doorways. Proper weather-stripping materials and installation practices can provide a durable seal. Along with energy benefits, improving weather-stripping is often a deferred maintenance item and can have comfort benefits for occupants.

Double Hung Window Weatherization

When windows are installed out of square or out of plum, installation weaknesses as well as wear and tear from many years of service create air leakage pathways around windows. Weather-stripping products available today provide a durable long-term seal.

Hopper Window Weatherization

Since Hopper windows are designed so that the top of the sash will swing inward from the wall when opened, it can create operable and energy efficiency issues. V-seal weatherstripping can be installed to minimize those issues.

Roof-Wall Intersection Air Sealing

The roof-wall intersection is a significant contributor to overall building air leakage. The top of the building is critically important because pressure differentials between the inside and outside are greatest at the top of the building. The roof-wall joint is one of the largest air leakage pathways and wraps the entire perimeter of the top of the building. The roof-wall intersection is often accessible above suspended ceilings and as a result, sealing this intersection can be an extremely cost-effective measure (high savings potential and relatively low cost).

Window Film

Window film can strengthen the insulating properties of windows to create a more efficient barrier to external temperatures. By adding window film, occupants increase efficiency by turning a single-pane window into a double pane and a double-pane window into a triple pane. This improved insulation ensures occupants stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

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What You can expect with our Turnkey Project Management

As a nationwide, lighting and EPC contractor, we bring over 30 years of energy efficient lighting retrofit expertise to help evaluate your energy goals and be your single point of contact to manage single and multi-site, turnkey projects. We provide industry leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to maximize the benefits to you and your customers.

Prioritize Your Goals

From beginning to end, our team prioritizes your goals with customized solutions to maximize energy and cost savings.

Integrated Energy Services Partner

From energy efficiency to sustainable energy systems and resiliency, Eco Engineering is the nationwide EPC partner you can trust to design, engineer, and manage your turnkey projects from concept through installation.

Single Point of Contact

Over the past 30 years we have developed a proven, consistent and unified process for centralized project management with comprehensive, real-time reporting and flexible approaches to implementation.

Single & Multi-Site Programs

Nationwide crews that deliver reliable, consistent and high-quality project management from one project to the next with access to our comprehensive, exclusive method to provide real-time reporting throughout the entire project.

Facility Audit, Inspection & Infrared Testing

Our industry leading audit strategy is to optimize and increase quantifiable energy savings. Our process includes investment grade audits (IGAS) using, SnapCount, a state of the art software, with precise results and turnkey “no change order” quality assurance. In addition, we provide superior services such as inspections, infrared testing, air flow analysis, and building and operating system design.

Design & Engineering

Our team works with companies large and small to design, engineer and install integrated energy service projects with annual energy savings and financial analysis.

Measurement & Verification

Our measurement and verification (M&V) process gathers energy consumption data to quantify and verify guidelines in the area of IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) and includes Baseline Measurements, Post Installation Measurements, and before/after pictures.

Manufacturer Neutral

For over 30 years we have been manufacturer neutral to provide unbiased insight, material standardization, and seamless turnkey implementation to maximize procurement and customer benefits.

Incentives Management

We offer an analysis and administration of local, federal, and utility incentives and rebate programs.

On-Time Project Deliverables

Our nationwide crews deliver projects on-time, within scope, and on budget – with delighted customers.

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Featured Building Envelope Projects


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a building envelope?

The building envelope includes all the exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows and doors. Essentially all the building components that separate the indoors from the outdoors.

Why should a building envelope be optimized?

Any energy efficiency project should include optimizing the building envelope to maximize energy savings and improve the Environmental Visual Quality (EVQ). This will optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve the comfort of any space.

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How Can We Help You Save Energy And Reduce Cost?

High-quality results you can expect when partnering with us…

“As an ESCO, performing multiple energy efficiency projects for a variety of municipal, state and federal clients we must achieve our performance contract projections and financial outcomes. We need specific expertise in the lighting portion of these projects and Eco Engineering is our “go-to” partner. They not only provide the engineering and implementation expertise we require, they totally get it. That means I don’t have to worry and the government jurisdiction ends up with the lighting solution specified and the appropriate savings required for the ESPC (Energy Service Performance Contracts).”
Senior Director, Government Sector, National ESCO
“Everyone at Eco Engineering, including sales resources, engineers, and installers were focused on making sure we understood all the steps in the process and that we were ready to move forward with each phase. We were particularly impressed with their ability to work around our residents without interruption. The sample phase was proof in the pudding that savings were attainable.”
Administrator, Rosedale Manor
“We are very pleased with the light quality and have received very favorable feedback from our employees. I have also noticed the anticipated reduction in our first month’s electric bill since completion. Your crew was able to complete their work with little interference to our day to day business, despite working in our facility during one of the busiest production times of the year.”
Director of Finance, ABARTA Coca-Cola Beverages

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