Eco Engineering is a force for good.  We lead our industry by valuing our employees and delighting our customers.  We support the communities where we live and work.  Our relentless pursuit of leading edge energy-saving solutions help our customers to reduce operating costs while conserving the world’s natural resources.

Mission Statement

Help customers identify and implement solutions that deliver improved financial results while creating an ideal visual environment and preserving our world for future generations.

Core Company Values

1.   We are only satisfied when our customers are delighted.
2.   We continually improve our people, our services, and processes by standardizing, simplifying, and automating our work.  People are most important.
3.   We value innovation, openness, honesty, and integrity.
4.   We collaborate with our suppliers and subcontractors.
5.   We run our business on diverse ideas.  If an idea is great, we adopt it; if not, we learn from it.
6.   We value quality and safety.  We plan to do things right the first time.
7.   We take pride in our work.  We seek to be the best.

Helping you consume less energy is our business. What you do with the savings is yours. What it does for the environment is for everyone.