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Celebrating 30 Years and Launching a New Website

Over the past three decades, we have worked hard to provide comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services and to earn the trust of our customers in the commercial and industrial industries – including developers, as well as our ESCO (Energy Service Companies) partners. As part of our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new website, coinciding with the celebration of our 30th anniversary. With a fresh and modern design, our website offers enhanced functionality and intuitive navigation, enabling our website visitors to explore our diverse range of services seamlessly.

The launch of our new website represents a significant milestone in our ongoing, 30-year journey to continue providing integrated energy services that align with the evolving energy needs of our customers. As you explore our new website, you’ll see our expanded service offerings, including sustainable energy systems and resiliency solutions, in addition to our renowned expertise in commercial lighting retrofits.

We are thrilled to mark our 30th anniversary and unveil our new website, which reflects our continued growth and commitment to delivering sustainable and resilient solutions. Our service offerings in sustainable energy systems and resiliency, combined with our historic expertise in energy efficiency exemplify our dedication to meeting the demands of the industry. We believe that individuals and businesses have a powerful potential to help reduce carbon emissions, and we pair that belief with our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions that help our customers reduce operating costs and energy consumption, helping to conserve the world’s natural resources for future generations. We are excited to showcase our expertise in these areas through our new, improved online platform.” – Tom Kirkpatrick, President and CEO, Eco Engineering

As sustainability and resiliency become increasingly vital in the construction and engineering sectors, we have proactively adapted our services to integrate renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. By offering comprehensive sustainable energy systems, including solar pv, electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, and energy storage solutions, we aim to help customers reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their energy, cost and environmental goals.

Additionally, we recognize the growing importance of resiliency in the face of various disruptions, such as natural disasters and grid failures, which is why we also provide resilient infrastructure service solutions that enable businesses to maintain their operations and mitigate potential risks, ensuring continuity even during challenging circumstances.

The launch of our new website and continued growth represents the next phase for Eco Engineering and we are honored to earn a spot on the Cincinnati Business Courier’s “Fast 55” – a list representing 55 of fastest growing companies in Greater Cincinnati.

By combining our extensive experience in commercial, nationwide lighting retrofits with our growing expertise as an EPC in sustainable energy systems and resiliency, we’re looking forward to continuing to deliver comprehensive and integrated energy solutions that empower our customers to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our evolving 30-year history, explore career opportunities and contact us to learn more about how we can help with your next energy project.

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