Material Supply and Logistics

We procure the best materials for the job from providers across the country at attractive prices.

Traditional lighting sources including incandescent, fluorescent, and high intensity discharge technologies are now obsolete due to LED technology improvements these past years.  As a result, there are many LED lighting technology options which will produce substantial energy savings when traditional lighting technologies are replaced.  Yet amidst the many LED manufacturers offering products today, selecting the right manufacturer and product for your facilities can be daunting. When specifying products, Eco Engineering is vendor neutral matching your short and long term goals with best in class LED technologies considering price, product performance, cost of maintenance, warranty and manufacturer reliability and stability.  This neutrality allows us to bring unbiased lighting product recommendations to you.  This said, our primary goal is to “Delight our Customer” which, during the audit and design phase, begins by carefully listening and confirming your project objectives.   With this information we specify appropriate lighting technologies that fulfill the aesthetic, performance and investment requirements of the project while reducing energy usage and future maintenance, repair and operating expenses. 

We service all commercial and industrial vertical markets including retail, hospitality, medical, and distribution/manufacturing/storage facilities.  No job is too big or too small.  But, we specialize in national accounts with large single site and/or smaller multi-site locations situated across the North American market.

Material Supply Alternatives

Eco Engineering provides stand alone material supply services outside of our turnkey projects through our InVision Technologies Distribution organization. Whether lighting material is needed for new construction, major renovation, or maintenance efforts, we offer products from Tier 1, Tier 2, and emerging lighting manufacturers. Eco Engineering passes on to our customers the benefit of highly competitive pricing and the broadest possible range of lamps and fixtures. We can also leverage our design experience to value engineer and recommend the ideal manufacturer and product based on specific needs and budget.