Energy Efficiency is More Than a Business Outcome

We believe in maximizing the significant potential for saving money associated with all energy efficient systems, designs and technologies. More than just the “industry” where Eco Engineering operates, energy efficiency is a dynamic and ever changing landscape which is imbedded in our business and our culture. We strive to make that business and culture as pro-active as possible in understanding, applying and advocating energy efficient concepts which reduce expenses while contributing to a greener planet.

Our brand promise is to utilize every means possible to accelerate the adoption of an “always on” energy efficient mindset. Some examples:

• We will accelerate the understanding of our people, customers, partners and communities in the products, services, processes and technologies associated with energy efficiency, especially in the lighting sector.
— Advanced training for our people
— Finding, summarizing and distributing 3rd party research and information on energy efficiency
— Writing on the subject to demonstrate “subject matter expertise” which can be published through internal and industry media to show Eco Engineering’s commitment to energy efficiency
— Speaking publically on the subject to demonstrate “subject matter expertise” which can be delivered to both trade and community audiences in both private and public forums to further demonstrate that commitment
— Hosting and/or participating in client and partner events which seek to present fresh ideas and solutions to achieve even greater savings through energy efficiency
— Developing an historical scorecard of savings we have enabled through decades of completing energy efficient lighting upgrades. Celebrate every time we update the scorecard after completing a project.
— Supporting the concept of home energy audits for our residences to make them more efficient and reduce our utility bills.