Why Choose Eco Engineering?

Eco Engineering is uniquely qualified to perform energy efficient lighting programs and projects tailored to meet your specific objectives.
Our foundation is built on more than two decades of specialized experience in the energy efficient lighting industry.
As you compare our qualifications to other firms, please consider the following:

We are a comprehensive design and build engineering firm capable of delivering the complete spectrum of project needs – from auditing, engineering and materials acquisition through financing, installation, recycling and incentive processing. Through the audit we engineer a design based on your lighting standards, IESNA standards, and industry best practices, applying state-of-the-art lighting technologies and advanced lighting controls to maximize energy savings and reduce operating expenses while minimizing future maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) costs. Eco Engineering insures the visual environment design of the project meet the unique needs of your employees and your customers. We are not solely a contractor or a materials provider who decided to get into the efficient lighting space.

Eco Engineering has a proven level of expertise within multiple environments ». Our past work has included more than 2,800 lighting projects covering approximately 250 million square feet of space and has delivered more than $500 million in cumulative energy savings to our customers while reducing energy consumption by a combined 5 billion kilowatt hours (through 2018).

Eco Engineering is a national service provider with proven capabilities performing similar programs across multiple facilities for large enterprises. We have a centralized, consistent, highly standardized, process driven approach to lighting projects across the US and North America. We eliminate the extra effort required to manage multiple service providers.

Our project management approach is the most professional in the industry. We have proven methods and documented procedures for handling your project, refined from over 20 years of experience applying industry best practices. We approach execution like engineers – planning our work and working our plan – insuring completion on-time and within budget while addressing the quality, safety, and regulatory compliance issues inherent in any project. Our EcoLink system, a proprietary software engine, links together our auditing, engineering/design and construction platforms. Our implementation planning and execution is site specific thereby insuring the highest levels of performance, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

We have worked to identify all available tax incentives, rebates and other financial assistance available through federal and state government and regional utility providers. These incentives improve the financial projections associated with energy savings projects. Our design helps you qualify for all available incentives; and we will assist in the incentive administration and filing process. Our ability to help you refine your financing options includes multiple paths involving internal capital, leases and non-capital Lighting-as-a-Service methods.

Eco Engineering is conscious of the environmental implications associated with all energy savings initiatives. While projected savings are an important reason for completing this project, the potential for positive public relations and re-affirmation of your green policies can be an important message to shareholders, employees and the media.