Tax Credits

Although the federal government has not yet indicated whether or not Congress will be asked to extend the tax credit provisions of the EPAct, there are often state tax credit programs in place for improving energy efficiency. Often the guidelines for qualifying appear complex to the facility owner and could involve engineering calculations with proof of energy consumption declines. Some guidelines specify which specific technologies need to be installed, especially in lighting. Finally, the forms and procedures for applying for the tax credits can be daunting.

Eco Engineering works to identify any and all tax credits which could apply to your lighting project. This includes both federal and state programs. We are familiar with the rules, procedures and application forms required and routinely offer assistance to our clients to help insure that the tax credits are realized.

Having been there and done Eco Engineering knows that the best time to identify and take advantage of any special tax treatments is during the audit and design phase of a project. By investigating upfront we can calculate the financial impact and ROI acceleration that may result from a design that fully meets the tax authority guidelines for credit qualification.

• We have worked to identify all available tax incentives, rebates and other financial assistance available through federal and state government and regional utility providers. These incentives improve the financial projections associated with energy savings projects. Our design helps you qualify for all available incentives; and we will assist in the incentive administration and filing process. Our ability to help you refine your financing options includes multiple paths involving internal capital, leases and non-capital Lighting-as-a-Service methods.