The commercial lighting retrofit industry, valued at over $200 billion in the US at the time of this article, driven by opportunities in LED technology with a market penetration below 30%. Despite a temporary slowdown during the 2020 global pandemic, industry leaders like Eco Engineering were strategically re-tooling operations to capitalize on the anticipated boom. In this blog post, we explore how Eco Engineering’s decision to switch to SnapCount lighting retrofit software in 2020 has not only aligned with their strategic vision but also significantly enhanced their efficiency and functionality.

Eco Engineering’s Response to Industry Changes:
As a prominent energy efficient lighting EPC firm, Eco Engineering recognized the need to adapt to changing industry dynamics. In 2020, faced with the limitations of their internally developed software, the company made a strategic decision to embrace the cutting-edge capabilities of SnapCount. This move was in line with Eco Engineering’s visionary approach, focusing on standardization, digitization, decentralization, and collaboration to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Choosing SnapCount for Innovation and Vision:
Eco Engineering conducted a meticulous evaluation of potential software solutions, ultimately selecting SnapCount for its robust functionality and operational improvements over their in-house system. The decision was influenced not only by SnapCount’s market leadership but also by the software’s long-term vision aligning seamlessly with Eco Engineering’s growth strategy. Key features, such as the SnapSource Service Marketplace and SnapSource Product Hub, played a pivotal role in clinching the decision, offering a comprehensive solution to meet Eco Engineering’s diverse needs.

Results of the Switch to SnapCount:

The implementation of SnapCount yielded remarkable results for Eco Engineering, showcasing the software’s efficiency and impact on various aspects of their operations:

20% Increase in Audit Speed:

100% Reduction in Post-Audit Organization:

One-Week Auditor Training & Onboarding:

Client-Centric Partnership:
Highlighting the success of the switch, Eco Engineering emphasizes the efficiency, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of SnapCount. The company considers SnapCount a crucial tool for organizations in the lighting retrofit industry, making it clear that those not adopting similar technologies risk being left behind.

Eco Engineering’s strategic decision to transition to SnapCount has not only positioned them for growth in the evolving lighting retrofit industry but has also showcased the tangible benefits of embracing advanced software solutions. As the industry gears up for exponential growth, the success story of Eco Engineering and SnapCount serves as a beacon for organizations seeking efficiency, innovation, and a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of commercial lighting retrofits.

To read the entire case study created by our partner, SnapCount, click here.

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