“Your highly qualified installers were component, knowledgeable and well prepared … we received no complaints from our clients … I am confident we will be planning and proceeding with Eco Engineering on additional projects in the future.”

Regional Operations Manager, Duke Realty Corporation

Eco Engineering in the Real Estate Industry

Every property manager knows that maintaining a building’s lighting infrastructure is an expensive and never-ending task. When faced with multiple facility issues, property managers often struggle to address lighting system needs in a timely manner. These delays can lead to increased tenant and guest dissatisfaction and lower occupancy rates. Conversely, tenants report increased productivity, improved security, and greater overall comfort after a comprehensive lighting system upgrade. Property managers and building owners can achieve higher average rents and overall building valuations through an energy efficient lighting system upgrade that is designed to deliver proper light levels.

Eco Engineering has successfully completed hundreds of lighting system upgrade projects in commercial office buildings, hotel and hospitality facilities, and related interior and exterior lighting areas.  While large commercial office buildings are common targets for energy efficiency improvements, other building types in the Real Estate sector also present energy savings opportunities. The diversity of space requires broad design expertise to maximize energy efficiency savings. Private workspaces vary from shared meeting rooms and lobby areas. Hotels, call centers and data centers provide their own unique space configurations and required lighting.

Eco Engineering understands that the foundation of an energy efficient lighting system upgrade begins with designs that incorporate optimal lighting and controls technologies and ends with flawless installation. Planning and tightly managing the installation of Eco Engineering designed lighting solutions has helped the Company earn accolades in terms of safety, cleanliness, courtesy, professionalism, and proper disposal of all materials removed from the job site.  The Company’s reputation in providing its services in the Real Estate sector across North America is outstanding.

Download the Duke Realty Case Study to learn about a project with a 2.2 year simple payback and a 46% ROI aided by an incentive from Duke Energy.