JOB TITLE: Project Manager

Position Summary: The overall role of the Project Manager is to ensure that all projects are completed on time, 100% complete, within budget and as promised with a delighted customer. The PM has complete P&L and QC responsibility for company projects. In this capacity, the Project Manager must interface effectively with customers, vendors, subcontractors, Sales, and the Sales Support Engineers (SSE). This position should expect to travel 1-2 days per week.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Supporting Engineering, which includes:
• Serving as a resource to Engineering on labor costs; how to cost out difficult installation issues – labor and materials. Sometimes being an assigned “buddy” to an SSE.
• Preparing and completing the “Pre-Survey Client Questionnaire” with the customer contact during an interview
• Helping to conduct audits, including a room by room fixture count with photos or light meter readings where necessary. Input survey data into a computer and verifying its accuracy. Meeting with potential preferred labor contractor during the audit to discuss pricing/scope.
• Presenting the survey data to the SSE for engineering and proposal development.

2. Participate with Engineering in hand off meetings and sample day, which includes:
• Review project scope for understanding. and completing the hand off meeting checklist; including prevailing wages, tax status, etc.
• Working with Incentive Administrator to ensure understanding of incentive issues, including any pre-inspections required
• Walk facility and confirm understanding of project scope, validate all engineering assumptions.
• Review and confirm that budget prepared by Engineering can be achieved.
• Identify any issues to achieving customer requirements or project budgets to Director, Operations.

3. Select crew or subcontractor, which includes:
• Reviewing the project pre-construction package with crew/subcontractors using a customer “walk through.”
• Requesting and evaluating subcontractor bids, and then selecting the best candidate.
• Establishing a work order and schedule with the selected subcontractor.

4. Supervise project implementation, which includes:
• Leading a pre-installation crew/construction meeting when necessary.
• Ordering materials, equipment, handle all logistics, including waste disposal and recycling containers.
• Confirming material receiving plan, including (through packing lists) that customer received all project materials.
• Initiating, based on this confirmation, payment to material, equipment, recycling suppliers.
• Responsible for asking Accounting to send all invoices to customer, including initial 40% down payment
• Obtain any permits that are required for electrical upgrades or in construction in public buildings

5. Monitor project implementation, which includes:
• Estimating total quantities of used lamps, ballasts and metal.
• Reviewing faxed crew/subcontractor Completion Reports on a daily basis.
• Ensuring customer and sales communication, subcontractor supervision, sufficient materials supplies and overall project quality and cost containment through on-site visits approximately once per week.
• Updating Eco Engineering on project progress with detailed weekly Project Status reports.
• Updating customer on project progress with weekly Project Status summary.

6. Manage returns and recycling/disposal, which includes:
• Coordinating the separation of materials for recycle versus trash. Label hazardous waste (i.e. PCB).
• Arranging for material disposal or recycling through waste specialists.
• Look for opportunities to resell HID fixtures, or sell metal to metal recycling Companies
• Monitoring completion of disposal and associated paperwork, such as Recycling manifests.
• Arranging return of all defectives and/or excess materials to distributor on behalf of customer.

7. Review the completed project with the customer and Eco Engineering, which includes:
• Applications to file for rebates and EPACT letter.
• Conducting a personal “walk through” with customer to obtain a final sign-off.
• Sending final standardized electronic close out package completion documents to the customer including as-built, recycling, warranty documents, and material spec. sheets.
• Submitting a final Project Completion Report to Eco Engineering.

8. Project financial reconciliation, which includes:
• Complete supervisor Quality Assessment form
• Ensuring all surplus materials are returned and proper documentation provided for Accounting to record credit.
• Submitting signed 100% completion form to Accounting for final billing.
• Advise Accounting to initiate reconciliation process.
• Review P&L by job report and confirm all revenue and expenses have been captured to assess performance.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Project Manager may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.