Financing, Rebates, and Incentives Administration

Keeping up with rebate and incentive programs is a standard Eco Engineering service. Often such financial inducements can have a significant impact on project ROI and payback periods.

The most common form of rebates and incentives available in an energy efficient lighting project are offered by the local utility company who provides electricity to the facility owner. The various programs are all uniquely tailored to the energy reduction policies of the utility, and no two are the same. During the design and engineering phase of any project, Eco Engineering specialists will investigate the availability of financial incentives and incorporate the findings into the project plan and financial projections. Upon project completion, we will assist in the task of incentives administration and processing.

The concept of Performance Service Contracts has been around the energy efficiency space for many years. In such contracts, typically offered by large ESCOs in the federal, state, municipal and education markets, the energy savings are guaranteed over time by the ESCO. The funding is provided by the ESCO and the savings are used to pay for the project over a specified period. While the total cost of the project increases due to the cost of money factors associated with the ESCO financing, the client pays no money upfront.