Our Customer Segments

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Eco Engineering is often called on to support Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to design and install the lighting system upgrade that is part of a Performance Contract the ESCO has in the public education and government sectors.  These ESCOs count on Eco Engineering to maximize energy savings through our lighting designs. They look for our experience with lighting technologies, overall engineering abilities, and quality execution at affordable fees which aid in their own overall project bid to the client. At times they seek out alternative lighting designs, or “good, better, best” engineering solutions to to complement our ability to maximize energy savings for the broader multi energy conservation measure performance contract.

The lighting portion alone on these ESCO projects often involves an investment of more than $1 million and the ESCOs must rely on a leading firm to manage the lighting system upgrade. They do their homework; they monitor performance; they follow rigorous pre/post evaluation processes.  That is one of the reasons ESCOs choose to partner with Eco Engineering.

C&I / Fortune 1000 Companies

Eco Engineering has substantial experience upgrading the lighting systems directly for large F1000 companies across a range of industries.  Our experience spans facility types such as offices, manufacturing, packaging, data centers, call centers, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, and hospitals.  One size does not fit all.

National coverage is extremely important to our C&I / F1000 clients. One lighting company responsible for designing, procuring material, installing, and project managing upgrades across a national portfolio of buildings is highly valued.  Eco Engineering serves as that single partner with a common approach regardless of location in North America.