Director or Manager, Engineering

Position Summary:
The role of the Auditor is to assess a prospect’s facility or desired location for the implementation of an energy efficiency and/or sustainable energy project. The Auditor will be directed by a Project Development Engineer (PDE), Estimator, or Engineering Management to conduct site audits, enter audit data, and provide input on the details of the potential project locations. To perform these tasks, the Auditor must know the basics of the services provided by the Company and communicate effectively with Prospect, PDE, Estimator, Project Manager, and Sales to complete and deliver high quality audits. Less frequently, the Auditor may assist with services calls, controls commissioning, and similar. This position should expect to travel an average 3 days per week; sometimes on short notice, with most of the day spent upright and, at times, working on ladders.

Primary Responsibilities:

1.Conducting audits, which includes:

  • Receiving background and direction from the PDE, Estimator, or Engineering Management
  • Scheduling the audit with prospect via the PDE, Estimator, or Sales resource to meet proposal target completion date
  • Following audit procedures and supplemental procedures including:
  • Preparing and completing pre-audit questionnaire with prospect and/or gathering needed data from ESCO
  • Leading the audit with potential inclusion of PDE, Estimator, Operations, Sales, or third-party auditors
  • Deploying and collecting data loggers as needed
  • Compiling audit data, photos, maps, etc. for delivery to the PDE or Estimator
  • Communicating with PDE, Estimator, and Sales after audit to share learning
  • Identifying potential competitors, preferred manufacturer/distribution, or installation partners
  • Providing input to PDE or Estimator on budget assumptions (i.e., hotel costs, access requirements, etc.)

2. Assisting Engineering Department with related activity, which includes:

  • Entering core audit data for PDE or Estimator to develop proposals
  • Downloading data logger information, populating reports, and preparing loggers for re-use
  • Assisting with utility incentives research to include possible submission of pre-or post-project incentive application

3. Assisting other Departments with related activity, which includes:

  • Commissioning of lighting control systems
  • Commissioning of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
  • Coordinating site visits with potential subcontractors (e.g., labor, civil, roofing) at the direction of PDE or Estimator
  • Conducting post-installation service calls

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities.  The Auditor may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.

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