UV Lighting, Acuity Brands Lighting and Panel of Experts

Monday, October 5th at 2:15pm CST

  • Jeannine Fisher Wang, PE LC, Director Technology Solutions, Acuity Brands
  • Ron C Schimmelpfenning, Vice President Technology Solutions, Acuity Brands
  • Bernard J. Erickson, CLMC, CLEP, LC, Regional VP North East, Facility Solutions Group
  • Frank Agraz, LC, MIES, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Eco Engineering

An in-depth overview of UVC/Germicidal lighting focusing on UV energy, differences between wavelengths, effectiveness vs exposure time, potential harm and variability. Things to be aware of when choosing a UVC/Germicidal source and practical advice provided by General Members who have been successful in these projects. The format will be 25-minute technology overview and 20-minute practical  application overview with a continuous Q&A stream throughout.

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