Reducing Operating Expenses

The lighting portion of a monthly utility expense can be up to 30% of electricity costs, depending on the facility type and  geographic location. Upgrading to a new energy efficient lighting system with advanced lighting controls can reduce this overall expense by 50-80%.

The savings materialize due to the efficiency of new lighting technologies, such as LED, and the application of engineering designed lighting control systems. Since new lighting technology requires less power for the same or more output compared to prior generation technology, both energy demand and energy consumption are reduced. You keep the savings and improve profit margins.

The longer lasting life rating associated with these new lighting systems also means they will provide output for an extended period, lowering maintenance costs associated with partial or fully inoperable systems. In addition, lights create heat – the older the lighting, the more heat generated – requiring additional electricity consumption to keep facility temperatures cool during warm months.

In all areas, these savings can be increased through the design and installation of lighting control systems which turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied, dim lights when natural daylight warrants, and adjust light output based on the prescribed lighting standards for a specific space. Many advanced control systems can provide metering and verification of energy use before and after the upgrade. New systems can also include embedded intelligent sensors which can track broader operational data to further improve intelligence about the facility and its usage.

Finally, most local utilities and their state-run regulatory agencies provide rebates and incentives for reducing your consumption. You can use these funds to help finance your lighting upgrade project.

If you’d like to know more about lowering your operating expenses through energy efficient lighting please contact us.