Improve Sustainability Profile

The scope of responsible environmental practices in corporate America has finally moved from the PR department to senior management. Major companies and institutions in all sectors of the economy have embarked on paths to reduce their carbon footprint and respond to the challenges associated with preserving our natural resources. Energy efficient lighting can play a significant role in the journey towards sustainability.

Lighting is ubiquitous. Virtually every square foot of space within your facility portfolio requires lighting that has the potential to be upgraded to a less intensive energy using profile. The potential for reductions in kilowatt hours of usage and kilowatts of demand are notable at the enterprise level and can have a significant impact on your sustainability metrics. Additionally, the proper disposal of old lighting technologies after the upgrade not only takes potentially harmful materials out of landfills, but also it supports strict EPA standards.

Since 1998, our company has completed more than 2,100 energy efficient lighting projects involving approximately 216 million square feet of facility upgrades. These projects have delivered more than $418 million in cumulative energy savings to our customers while reducing energy consumption by a combined 4.1 billion kilowatt hours. That is the equivalent of removing more than 600,000 gas powered cars from the world.

If you are embarking on a sustainability initiative or seeking to accelerate the green metrics associated with your current programs, don’t forget about lighting. You will be reducing operating expenses and making the world a better place for generations to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the impact of energy efficient lighting on corporate sustainability initiatives, please contact us.