“As an ESCO performing multiple energy efficiency projects for a variety of municipal, state and federal clients we must achieve our performance contract projections and financial outcomes. We need specific expertise in the lighting portion of these projects and Eco Engineering is our “go-to” partner. They not only provide the engineering and implementation expertise we require, they totally get it. That means I don’t have to worry and the government jurisdiction ends up with the lighting solution specified and the appropriate savings required for the ESPC.”

Senior Director, Government Sector, national ESCO

Eco Engineering in the Government Sector

Eco Engineering has a long history working with Energy Service Companies in the government sector. They have successfully designed and implemented the lighting system upgrade portion of hundreds of Energy Savings Performance Contracts ESCOs have with municipalities, states, and the federal government. Eco Engineering’s expertise extends to all types of facilities, including police, fire, military bases, prisons, office buildings, and exterior lighting components.  More than $100 million of energy savings have been realized through energy efficient lighting system upgrades designed and installed by the Company in the government sector.

The Energy Service Companies that manage the Energy Savings Performance Contracts in the government sector know that a lighting specialist like Eco Engineering can enable energy savings guarantees and upgrade the lighting infrastructure of public buildings in a non-disruptive manner. Ultimately, this leads to taxpayer savings and has positive impact on building occupants in government and public facilities.  With established processes to provide maximum energy savings, occupant and facility-wide control solutions, and consistent results across large, longer duration installations, Eco Engineering excels in Government sector projects.

Eco Engineering understands that the foundation of an energy efficient lighting system upgrade begins with designs that incorporate optimal lighting and controls technologies and ends with flawless installation. Planning and tightly managing the installation of Eco Engineering designed lighting solutions has helped the Company earn accolades in terms of safety, cleanliness, courtesy, professionalism, and proper disposal of all materials removed from the job site.  This attention to detail is a must in the Government sector.


Download the City of Cincinnati case study to learn how they are saving $13,000 per month. Project details and energy savings information included.