We Are a Green Company

Josh Beeman PhotographyWe believe in the powerful potential associated with the reduction of carbon emissions from our environment and the absolute necessity of changing business and personal practices to help prevent global warming. This component is imbedded in our brand promise but represents more than just the environmental outcome derived from the work we do. It is a responsibility that helps insure a greener planet for generations to come.

We strive to make that responsibility part of our everyday business and culture and set a goal to one day be recognized as one of the “greenest companies in America.” Our brand promise is to utilize every means possible to achieve that goal.

– We will promote the understanding of our people, recruits, customers, partners and communities in the responsible practices of the green movement. We will practice what we preach in our offices, on the job, in our homes.

– We will follow re-cycling practices for all eligible materials on the job, in the office and in our homes. Our goal is to create a zero footprint on the job site.

– We will reach out to and support in whatever means possible those organizations dedicated to the green movement. The outreach plan will cover all local communities where we work as well as national organizations dedicated to fighting global warming.

– We will initiate in-office practices to reduce waste and foster a green environment; and encourage our landlord to adopt the same.

– We will strive to instill in our people and recruits the green mindset required to make this brand component native to our thinking. We will consider public relations, incentives, KPIs, training, centralized administration and internal publicity associated with the generation of new ideas and/or the achievement of results.