Good Citizens

We Support the Communities Where We Work and Live

As part of our brand promise we believe that every organization shares a responsibility to be the best corporate citizen they can be and to take an active role in supporting the communities which support them. This component represents more than just providing money or support for community causes. It is a responsibility that helps insure a more cohesive connection between our business and our community. We strive to make that responsibility part of our everyday business and culture and to instill a passion for doing rather than just “mentally supporting.” We seek to be recognized for our support initiatives and we will promote our achievements but we adopt this component without selfish intent.


– We will continue our practice of conducting one Pro Bono energy efficient lighting project per year to benefit a community charity. We rely on our employees to nominate deserving organizations and to band together and help perform the upgrade work necessary to accomplish the task. We will promote both the charity’s efforts and our actions.  Click here for details on an example Pro Bono project.

– We will extend this practice in our other local markets by providing free audit/design services to a charitable organization nominated by our employees in that community. We can help specify, help calculate energy savings, provide a blueprint for installation, connect the organization with product suppliers who may want to participate but we will leave the physical installation to the charity’s own employees and volunteers. We will promote both the charity’s efforts and our actions.

– We will encourage and recognize our people for volunteer activities within the community organization of their choice.

– We will increase our participation rates in the annual United Way employee campaign. While the size of our collective donations is important, participation is our major objective.  Highlights on recognition received from the United Way can be viewed here.

– We will periodically launch food/clothing drives and/or adopt a family initiative for a local organization.

– We will promote arts organizations in our local communities and look for ways to assist them, participate with them, and donate to them.

– We will lead by example with our drug free workplace, and support community services and programs which provide support for the diseases of addiction.