Fortune 1000

Eco Engineering is uniquely qualified to serve the energy efficient lighting needs of firms in the Fortune 1000 market.

• These large enterprises have multiple facilities with diverse lighting and lighting control needs. We have substantial experience with the types of facilities often scattered across a F1000 portfolio – office space, production, packaging and manufacturing facilities, data centers, call centers, warehouses and distribution centers, etc. One size definitely does not fit all.

• We have substantial experience in following a programmatic approach – prioritization of the complete portfolio of facilities with planned roll out of upgrade services on a reasonable, affordable, manageable schedule over time.

• A national footprint is extremely important to the F1000. One lighting company responsible and accountable for the entire portfolio with corresponding benefits in project design, technology standardization, project management, communications, budgeting and all other elements of the program. One partner, one approach, one call, not 50.

• We believe in exploring a variety of financing options including off balance sheet approaches, Lighting-As-A-Service options and the post project qualification for utility company rebates, incentives and government tax credits.