“For lamps located in areas that were a challenge to maintain, Eco Engineering installed LEDs that lasted 4 times longer. They also replaced lamps in the parking garage to make the materials consistent with the rest of the building creating inventory management efficiencies.”

HQ Facility Manager, National Insurance Company

Eco Engineering in the Financial & Insurance Services Industry

Eco Engineering has successfully completed lighting system upgrade projects across the diverse facility spaces of the Financial and Insurance Services sector.  While much of the lighting consumption in this sector stems from office spaces and general HQ-type facilities, the diversity of space requires broad design expertise to maximize energy efficiency gains. Branch locations are very different from HQ facilities. Call centers and data centers provide their own unique configuration of space and required lighting.

Eco Engineering takes a comprehensive approach to safety and security when working in the Financial Services sector. Minimal disruption to work efforts means that people, materials, computers, furniture, and other “obstacles” are often in and around the lighting work area. Eco Engineering crews are trained in front line safety practices, consistent operating procedures, and methods of taking the time to do the work right. The additional security requirements in financially sensitive areas like vaults, branches and teller windows require special procedures and assurances often not found in other facilities.

Eco Engineering understands that the foundation of an energy efficient lighting system upgrade begins with designs that incorporate optimal lighting and controls technologies and ends with flawless installation. Planning and tightly managing the installation of Eco Engineering designed lighting solutions has helped the Company earn accolades in terms of safety, cleanliness, courtesy, professionalism, and proper disposal of all materials removed from the job site.  This attention to detail is a must for companies in the Financial Services and Insurance industries.


Learn the specific details regarding a major insurance company undertaking a complete energy efficient lighting upgrade within its headquarters facilities. Download the case study.