Evaluate Technology Options

The technology associated with energy efficient lighting is rapidly changing. The variety of products available for a lighting system upgrade requires choosing the right technology for your specific facility needs, which can be a daunting task. How do you evaluate your options from the perspective of energy savings, return on investment, life span and quality of lighting?

There are a variety of lighting technology options which can produce substantial energy savings versus existing lighting technology. For example, there are more than fifty high-quality manufacturers of LED light fixtures, each offering different specifications and claims of energy efficiency. Individual products may also carry different attributes regarding temperature, vibration, safety and other characteristics to address unique needs of a given facility. It is often not as simple as replacing fixtures one for one – the light output and quality can be enhanced after the upgrade requiring fewer fixtures than currently in use.

Controls offer enhanced opportunities for energy savings. Occupancy, daylighting, dimming and a variety of other functions can be enabled by combining lighting controls with new lighting technology. Choices exist from the simplest form of sensors to full data collection capabilities regarding energy usage which can be integrated into modern facility wide energy management systems and beyond. Metering and verification devices can substantiate before and after energy use. The Internet of Things has invaded the world of lighting technology and can connect both energy use and occupancy metrics to other systems which govern the operating environment of a facility.

While each technology alternative offers a different equation in terms of energy savings versus program costs, the long-term effect of having installed too basic a solution that grows obsolete within a few years can be devastating.

Given the complexities associated with today’s lighting technology, it is often impossible for organizations to keep up with every potential product and solution available in the marketplace. A comprehensive engineering grade audit of the existing facility must be undertaken in advance of the new design. Alternatives must be explored with impact on potential ROI scenarios and future trends as part of the equation.

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