Engineering Audit and Design

Lighting system upgrade projects led by Eco Engineering help our customers lower their operating costs and improve their visual environment.

Eco Engineering understands that the foundation of an energy efficient lighting solution begins with engineering and sound design that adopts state of the art lighting and controls technologies.

The first step to a successful lighting upgrade is the lighting survey or audit. An engineering-grade audit is the most detailed of energy audits. It analyzes the financial aspects of savings and the return on investment from potential changes or upgrades and is typically used as a budgeting tool when planning facility upgrades.

Many consider the audit as the most difficult step in a lighting system upgrade project. If the audit is not correct, the project will not be a success. Garbage in, garbage out, the old saying goes. That is why a high-quality audit that produces accurate fixture counts, accurate identification of current lighting specifications, and accurate location information can lead to extra potential savings for you.

During the audit, information is gathered about the existing lighting system and how it is used. To conduct a full financial analysis that will be needed to justify an investment in upgrading, local utility rate data is also collected. The lighting portion of your monthly utility expense can be up to 30% of your electricity costs depending upon your specific facility and geographic location. Upgrading to a new energy efficient lighting system with advanced lighting controls can reduce this expense by 50-80%.

Eco Engineering’s flexible design approach not only results in maximum energy savings at the individual facility but also lowers procurement expenses across all upgraded facilities by standardizing on leading yet widely available technologies.  The reduced operating and maintenance costs resulting from a lighting system upgrade enable progressive companies to maintain a cost competitive advantage.