Comprehensive Services Focused on Lighting

The lighting needs of your business, your employees and your work environment are unique. Our comprehensive approach of planning and execution help you meet those needs with little disruption to your daily operations.

Unlike many other energy savings providers, we are lighting specialists who provide both design and implementation. We provide more than the typical “men and materials” contractor because we are with you from design to the close out of the project.

Furthermore, we are not biased toward any manufacturer or technology. This neutrality allows us to bring unbiased lighting product recommendations to you. Many other service providers have technology partnerships or are lighting product manufacturers themselves and may recommend solutions not completely aligned with your needs. We procure the best materials for the job from providers all across the country at attractive prices.

We confirm the criteria specified during the design phase, apply standardized lighting technologies to reduce future MRO expenses and insure delivery of the aesthetic needs of the project. You benefit from 100% accountability from a single source for a safe and flawless execution of the plan.

We are highly skilled in integrating all steps of the lighting project process including design, labor, materials, disposal and financial analysis.