JOB TITLE: Marketing Associate
REPORTS TO: Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Position Summary:
The Marketing Associate is responsible for developing marketing plans to increase awareness of Eco Engineering with prospects and lighting system upgrade industry influencers.  The Marketing Associate will compile and curate compelling industry content, create promotional campaigns and events, analyze marketing data and metrics, and support the Sales organization on needs in strategic pursuits to increase revenue.

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JOB TITLE: Sales Representative

Position Summary: Eco Engineering is seeking a Sales Representative who can start immediately to work in the Greater Cincinnati area. Responsibilities to include the following:
• prospect research
• phone prospecting and appointment setting
• prospect presentations and meetings
• contract negotiations

Experience selling sustainability, lighting, facility or construction services helpful but not required. Travel throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio region. Training will be provided, and on-going support offered through Company Sales, Engineering, and Project Management resources. Requires college degree and minimum of 1 year of sales experience. Salary, performance bonus, and full benefits.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status. Drug free workplace.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Sales Representative may perform other job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.

JOB TITLE: Sales Director
REPORTS TO: Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Position Summary: The Sales Director is responsible for targeting and securing project agreements with specific multi-site national, ESCO, and local companies across North America to achieve personal and Company revenue growth goals. This position will develop prospects into customers by continually improving our relationship across multiple levels / functions. The position requires experience selling services and an understanding of key financial concepts to communicate attractive solutions with buyer groups including C-level executives. The Sales Director must work effectively with prospects, clients, strategic partners, and the functional groups within Eco Engineering. Importantly, the Sales Director will consistently develop professional credibility, loyalty, trust and commitment by modeling the Company values.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Prospect for new customers, which includes:
• Identifying prospects that meet Eco Engineering target account criteria in the areas of customer segment, industry segment, size, and prospect orientation.
• Collaborating with third party strategic alliance organizations when necessary to identify new prospects, and improve Eco Engineering’s position with current prospects. Strategic alliance organizations could include lighting product manufacturers, distributors, energy efficiency consultants, and other non-lighting contractors.

2. Identify and qualify project opportunities with new prospects, which includes:
• Developing a thorough understanding of prospect short-term and long-term financial objectives and needs as learned through discussions with prospect’s corporate and decentralized facility, energy, and executive management teams; and/or ESCO Corporate and local teams (sales, development, project management).
• Communicating Eco Engineering’s energy efficient lighting design build capabilities to address prospect needs and objectives, and influence their lighting/energy strategies.
• Confirming mutual alignment between prospect needs and expectations and Eco’s capabilities in the areas of scope of work, implementation model, timeline, and financial criteria.
• Identifying concerns and potential competitors while differentiating Eco Engineering solutions based on prospect strategy and needs.
• Determining prospect key decision makers, financial budget, timing requirements and other pertinent decision criteria.
• Conducting non-technical preliminary assessment to estimate project size and energy savings/payback in order to further qualify prospect before submitting proposal request to engineering department.
• Executing Engineering Development Agreement with prospect to include audit payment terms where applicable.

3. Leading preparation and delivery of proposal, which includes:
• Obtaining information needed by Eco’s engineering department to complete audit and proposal including, but not limited to: timeline expectations, utility information, MRO information, and facility drawings.
• Communicating proposal strategy with engineering department in regards to prospect needs, proposal format, options, and design choices in order to maximize potential for securing an agreement.
• Assisting Eco’s engineering department with audits where needed in order to further penetrate prospective customer and/or to obtain competitive information.
• Assembling the proper team to deliver the proposal and leading the preparation and delivery of the presentation and supporting financial analysis, tailored to the prospect.

4. Securing project approval, which includes:
• Addressing prospect questions regarding proposed project and outcomes.
• Negotiating final terms (financial, M&V, light levels, performance, and payment) of project and obtaining customer agreement to proceed with project.
• Acquiring any required customer financial information for proposals to be financed, and providing needed corporate/financial documentation about Eco Engineering to prospect, if applicable.

5. Monitoring project implementation and project close out phases, which includes:
• Participating in internal hand-off meetings between engineering and operations departments and/or customer pre-construction meetings, where applicable.
• Working in conjunction with Eco operations department to deliver project close out documentation and secure a completed quality control (QC) scorecard for the project.
• Obtaining a reference letter and/or press release approval for completed project.
• Assisting Eco finance department in collection of payments due, when needed.
• Summarizing key project learnings for Eco’s engineering, operations and sales departments for continual process improvement.

6. Adhering to internal territory planning and administrative tasks, which includes:
• Creating annual sales plan and providing updates on progress versus plan objectives on a regular basis.
• Maintaining company CRM database with information including prospect company, contacts, project opportunity, and key activity details.
• Establishing effective communications with Company Management regarding sales initiatives, strategies, needs, and market intelligence that could affect sales efforts on a regular basis.
• Managing a personal development plan focused on continual personal growth and improvement.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Sales Director may perform other job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.

JOB TITLE: Project Manager

Position Summary: The overall role of the Project Manager is to ensure that all projects are completed on time, 100% complete, within budget and as promised with a delighted customer. The PM has complete P&L and QC responsibility for company projects. In this capacity, the Project Manager must interface effectively with customers, vendors, subcontractors, Sales, and the Sales Support Engineers (SSE). This position should expect to travel 1-2 days per week.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Supporting Engineering, which includes:
• Serving as a resource to Engineering on labor costs; how to cost out difficult installation issues – labor and materials. Sometimes being an assigned “buddy” to an SSE.
• Preparing and completing the “Pre-Survey Client Questionnaire” with the customer contact during an interview
• Helping to conduct audits, including a room by room fixture count with photos or light meter readings where necessary. Input survey data into a computer and verifying its accuracy. Meeting with potential preferred labor contractor during the audit to discuss pricing/scope.
• Presenting the survey data to the SSE for engineering and proposal development.

2. Participate with Engineering in hand off meetings and sample day, which includes:
• Review project scope for understanding. and completing the hand off meeting checklist; including prevailing wages, tax status, etc.
• Working with Incentive Administrator to ensure understanding of incentive issues, including any pre-inspections required
• Walk facility and confirm understanding of project scope, validate all engineering assumptions.
• Review and confirm that budget prepared by Engineering can be achieved.
• Identify any issues to achieving customer requirements or project budgets to Director, Operations.

3. Select crew or subcontractor, which includes:
• Reviewing the project pre-construction package with crew/subcontractors using a customer “walk through.”
• Requesting and evaluating subcontractor bids, and then selecting the best candidate.
• Establishing a work order and schedule with the selected subcontractor.

4. Supervise project implementation, which includes:
• Leading a pre-installation crew/construction meeting when necessary.
• Ordering materials, equipment, handle all logistics, including waste disposal and recycling containers.
• Confirming material receiving plan, including (through packing lists) that customer received all project materials.
• Initiating, based on this confirmation, payment to material, equipment, recycling suppliers.
• Responsible for asking Accounting to send all invoices to customer, including initial 40% down payment
• Obtain any permits that are required for electrical upgrades or in construction in public buildings

5. Monitor project implementation, which includes:
• Estimating total quantities of used lamps, ballasts and metal.
• Reviewing faxed crew/subcontractor Completion Reports on a daily basis.
• Ensuring customer and sales communication, subcontractor supervision, sufficient materials supplies and overall project quality and cost containment through on-site visits approximately once per week.
• Updating Eco Engineering on project progress with detailed weekly Project Status reports.
• Updating customer on project progress with weekly Project Status summary.

6. Manage returns and recycling/disposal, which includes:
• Coordinating the separation of materials for recycle versus trash. Label hazardous waste (i.e. PCB).
• Arranging for material disposal or recycling through waste specialists.
• Look for opportunities to resell HID fixtures, or sell metal to metal recycling Companies
• Monitoring completion of disposal and associated paperwork, such as Recycling manifests.
• Arranging return of all defectives and/or excess materials to distributor on behalf of customer.

7. Review the completed project with the customer and Eco Engineering, which includes:
• Applications to file for rebates and EPACT letter.
• Conducting a personal “walk through” with customer to obtain a final sign-off.
• Sending final standardized electronic close out package completion documents to the customer including as-built, recycling, warranty documents, and material spec. sheets.
• Submitting a final Project Completion Report to Eco Engineering.

8. Project financial reconciliation, which includes:
• Complete supervisor Quality Assessment form
• Ensuring all surplus materials are returned and proper documentation provided for Accounting to record credit.
• Submitting signed 100% completion form to Accounting for final billing.
• Advise Accounting to initiate reconciliation process.
• Review P&L by job report and confirm all revenue and expenses have been captured to assess performance.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Project Manager may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.

JOB TITLE: Associate Sales Engineer
REPORTS TO: Director, Engineering

Position Summary:
The overall role of the Associate Sales Engineer (ASE) is to work with Sales, and Client Team Managers (CTMs) to audit and engineer a high volume of new projects, especially with repeat ESCO and team customers. To perform these tasks, the Associate Engineer must interface effectively with Sales, Customers, Operations, Vendors, and Eco staff to develop multiple projects simultaneously, often with the support of a Project Manager and/or Auditor. This position should expect to travel an average of 3.5 days per week.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Lighting audits, which includes:
• Receive Preliminary Assessment or Engineering Development Agreement from the Director of Engineering or CTM and schedule audit to meet Proposal Review date.
• Preparing and completing the “Pre-Survey Client Questionnaire” with the customer contact during an interview.
• Lead the investment grade audit, including a room by room fixture count with photos and/or light meter readings with support from Sales, Project Managers, Auditors, or contract auditors as needed. Include data to calculate EPAct deduction.
• Input all audit data into the computer or arrange for Project Manager or Auditor to input data.

2. Engineer the proposal, which includes:
• Optimizing lighting design quickly to achieve customer objectives – may include visual environment, payback standards, or maximum energy savings.
• Entering resulting ECM suggestions into the proposal software to create bill of materials, budget, and energy profile.
• Confirm labor assumptions with Sales and Installation organization, including Prevailing Wage requirements, if any.
• Calculate projected rebate savings and/or EPACT deduction where applicable.
• Confirming financial project review and pricing through the CTM or Director of Engineering and President.

3. Reformat our proposal data to the desired customer format, where needed:
• Communicating with sales/CTM to identify best presentation format.
• Updating the savings analysis and preparing a Measurement and Savings Verification Plan if needed.
• Ensuring specific fixture types have been sampled to confirm ECM choices will work.
• Ensuring we meet or exceed desired customer proposal submittal date.

4. Participate in project charter hand off meeting, which includes:
• Review final scope of work, budget, and implementation timeline with Sales/PM to “hand off “project.
• Create drawings where needed to guide installation crews.
• Prepare final bill of materials and final labor requirements with PM.
• Outline equipment needs/assumptions.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Associate Sales Engineer may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.


Leadership Development Associate

Position Summary:
The role of the Leadership Development Associate is to work closely with various departments and members of the Eco Engineering leadership team to provide assistance in different job assignments. These typically include auditing, proposal development and analysis; incentive research and submittals, vendor purchasing and project management, construction and installation, and sales & marketing during an approximately 18-month department rotation. To perform these tasks, the Leadership Development Associate must learn the basics of energy efficiency and lighting/lighting design and lighting controls. This position should expect to travel; sometimes on short notice, and (when applicable) during lighting audits to spend most of the day on their feet, including walking stairwells.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Support Engineering with lighting audits, which includes:
· Follow audit procedures and other supplemental procedures including:
— Participating in the investment grade audit, including an accurate, detailed, room by room fixture count, map, photos and/or light meter readings with support from Sales, Project Managers, or contract auditors.
— Learning to specify lighting controls while on site on a space by space basis.
· Input survey data into the computer or other device in order to create a file for delivery to the SSE or to appropriate Proposal folders on Eco Engineering server.

2. Support Engineering with proposal development, which may include:
· Calculate projected rebate savings and/or EPAct deduction.
· Product specification research and assistance
· Development and customization of proposal documents using the active file
· Ordering and receiving sampling materials from vendors.

3. Support Sales and Marketing with business development, which may include:
· Assist the Director of Strategic Market Development with development of multi-site program sales marketing, research, and development effort
· Assist Sales Directors with assembly of information needed by Engineering department to complete audit and proposal including, but not limited to: timeline expectations, utility information, MRO information, and facility drawings.
· Research prospect companies and collect pertinent information and helping find ideal prospects for our sales prospecting efforts
· Assist Marketing Leader with marketing content development and dissemination

4. Support Project Management with project implementation, which may include:
· Update and prepare reports for specific customers as needed.
· M&V sampling/participation and data analysis and entry.
· Work with Project Managers to complete close out process and ensure timely completions
· Complete rebate application process as requested. Complete EPAct for projects as requested.
— Assisting the PM to develop bills of materials, communicating with supplies and sub-contractors.
— Developing installation timeline sequencing for existing projects.
— Field work including meeting with suppliers and/or subcontractors on site and having strong communication skills to communicate project details.
— Learn how to work in QuickBooks to prepare PO’s, reports, etc.

Support Construction & installation with crew management, which may include:
· Review and approve crew time sheets, expense reports, etc. to ensure compliance with Company policy and project budgets.
· Assist in preparation of crew training and development program
· Support other Installation and Construction research and project work

Support the Leadership Team with company initiatives, which may include:
· Create reports to track progress.
· Research and analysis
· Prepare reports to Management

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Leadership Development Associate may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Lighting Technician may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.



JOB TITLE: Purchasing Manager

Eco Engineering is a Design and Build Engineering (DBE) lighting service firm with a national footprint. Our team is made up of lighting specialists who provide both design and implementation. We have proven levels of experience, nationally, in 6 key industries with demonstrated success in some of the most complex and intensive work environments for many Fortune 500 companies.

Position Summary:
The role of the Purchasing Manager is to lead a team that can support Project Managers in achieving best in class COGS results for materials, while at the same time insuring project material arrives on time, as ordered, and invoiced accurately. This position will need to balance Sales Department’s desire to reward key channel partners with orders with the Company’s desire to identify and support core vendors.

Essential Job Functions:
• Negotiates blanket purchase orders and major contracts when appropriate and monitors cost
• Follows environmental and safety regulations and acts in compliance with US laws Complies with safety and corporate guidelines on business ethics
• Works closely with Purchasing Department to ensure proper material arrived
• Conduct or direct negotiations with vendors on rejections, disposition and adjustment of purchased materials not meeting specifications.
• Hires, supervises, and evaluates job performances of purchasing department personnel.
• Establishes policies and procedures to be followed by purchasing agents and purchasing clerks
• Assess vendor capabilities, develop sources, and evaluate vendor performance.
• Recommends major purchases of materials based on anticipated changes in prices or on unusual availability situations.
• Balances cash flow considerations against possible price savings.
• Supervises accurate recordkeeping, including price histories and difficulties in doing business with particular vendors.
• May actively participate in vendor selection
• Works with Accounts Payable department to address differences between order pricing and receiving quantities.

Required Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related subject and 6+ years of experience, with at least two or more years supervising other purchasing agents
• Ability to review and comprehend requisitions, purchase orders, reports, and other necessary documentation.
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively with vendors and all levels of employees.
• Ability to effectively and efficiently move around all work areas.
• May be exposed to cold temperatures and minimal noise level.
• This position may require tasks that are physical in nature and requires the candidate to effectively stand, sit, reach, kneel and be able to carry and move up to 50 lbs.
• Ability to perform data entry for extended periods of time.
• Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
• Ability to prioritize, multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment
• Proficient in using Microsoft software
• Strong negotiating skills
• Excellent attention to detail
• Excellent organizational skills
• Performs other related duties as assigned or requested

Preferred Qualifications:
• Basic knowledge of energy efficient lighting
• Basic level of accounting and QuickBooks experience
• Prior construction purchasing experience
• Certification as a C.P.M. desirable but not required

Eco Engineering is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in hiring or employment against any individual on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical or mental disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, citizenship, or any other factor protected by anti-discrimination laws. Furthermore, we comply with the laws and regulations set forth in the EEO is the Law Poster.
Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/Disabled/Vets

JOB TITLE: Senior Lighting Technician
REPORTS TO: Supervisor for on the job activities; Manager of Installation and Construction for performance and career development

Position Summary:
The overall role of the Senior Lighting Technician is to perform all lighting maintenance and/or retrofit work defined by the project scope, and to work with the Supervisor to effectively supervise the Eco Labor Crew(s). To perform these tasks the Senior Technician must interface effectively with the Supervisor, Lighting Technicians, Project Managers, and customers.
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JOB TITLE: Apprentice Lighting Technician and Lighting Technician
REPORTS TO: Supervisor or Senior Lighting Technician for on the job activities;
Manager of Installation and Construction for performance and career development.

Position Summary:
The overall role of the Lighting Technician is to work with the Senior Lighting Technician, Supervisor, Sales Support Engineer, and other Lighting Technicians to perform all lighting maintenance and/or retrofit work defined by the project scope stated in the Construction Progress document. To perform these tasks the Technician must work effectively with the Senior Technician, Supervisor, Sales Support Engineer, other Technicians, Office Support Administrator, and customers.
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