JOB TITLE: Senior Lighting Technician
REPORTS TO: Supervisor for on the job activities; Manager of Installation and Construction for performance and career development

Position Summary:
The overall role of the Senior Lighting Technician is to perform all lighting maintenance and/or retrofit work defined by the project scope, and to work with the Supervisor to effectively supervise the Eco Labor Crew(s). To perform these tasks the Senior Technician must interface effectively with the Supervisor, Lighting Technicians, Project Managers, and customers.
Primary Responsibilities:
1) Performing Lighting Technician Responsibilities, which includes:
· Leading quality and productivity results in relamping and retrofitting alongside the labor crew.
· Reporting completion rates and incidents.
· Troubleshooting and performing maintenance like replacement of defective ballasts or sockets, and modification of fixtures.
· Working exceptionally well with others as both a member and a leader of the team
· Handling the toughest tasks – such as occupancy sensors, controls, using light or watt meters
· Maintaining exemplary attendance.
2) Leading the Labor Crew in the absence of the Supervisor, which includes:
· Directing workflow.
· Role modeling.
· Maintaining quality, completeness and cleanliness.
· Ensuring all safety guidelines and OSHA regulations are met, and we are fully in compliance with the NEC.
· Technical Leadership
3) Reporting in the absence of the supervisor, which includes:
· Documenting expenses, crew time sheets and daily status sheets.
· Preparing damage incident reports.
4) Attending occasional Start-Up and Completion Meetings, which includes:
· Attending crew start-up meetings.
· Participating in the final walk-through if Supervisor is unavailable.
5) Handling Material Disposal and returns, which includes:
· Accounting and handling of surplus materials at the end of projects.
· Recycling for lamps and ballasts consistent with hazardous waste regulations.
· Disposing of all other materials properly.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Senior Lighting Technician may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.