Leadership Development Associate

Position Summary:
The role of the Leadership Development Associate is to work closely with various departments and members of the Eco Engineering leadership team to provide assistance in different job assignments. These typically include auditing, proposal development and analysis; incentive research and submittals, vendor purchasing and project management, construction and installation, and sales & marketing during an approximately 18-month department rotation. To perform these tasks, the Leadership Development Associate must learn the basics of energy efficiency and lighting/lighting design and lighting controls. This position should expect to travel; sometimes on short notice, and (when applicable) during lighting audits to spend most of the day on their feet, including walking stairwells.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Support Engineering with lighting audits, which includes:
· Follow audit procedures and other supplemental procedures including:
— Participating in the investment grade audit, including an accurate, detailed, room by room fixture count, map, photos and/or light meter readings with support from Sales, Project Managers, or contract auditors.
— Learning to specify lighting controls while on site on a space by space basis.
· Input survey data into the computer or other device in order to create a file for delivery to the SSE or to appropriate Proposal folders on Eco Engineering server.

2. Support Engineering with proposal development, which may include:
· Calculate projected rebate savings and/or EPAct deduction.
· Product specification research and assistance
· Development and customization of proposal documents using the active file
· Ordering and receiving sampling materials from vendors.

3. Support Sales and Marketing with business development, which may include:
· Assist the Director of Strategic Market Development with development of multi-site program sales marketing, research, and development effort
· Assist Sales Directors with assembly of information needed by Engineering department to complete audit and proposal including, but not limited to: timeline expectations, utility information, MRO information, and facility drawings.
· Research prospect companies and collect pertinent information and helping find ideal prospects for our sales prospecting efforts
· Assist Marketing Leader with marketing content development and dissemination

4. Support Project Management with project implementation, which may include:
· Update and prepare reports for specific customers as needed.
· M&V sampling/participation and data analysis and entry.
· Work with Project Managers to complete close out process and ensure timely completions
· Complete rebate application process as requested. Complete EPAct for projects as requested.
— Assisting the PM to develop bills of materials, communicating with supplies and sub-contractors.
— Developing installation timeline sequencing for existing projects.
— Field work including meeting with suppliers and/or subcontractors on site and having strong communication skills to communicate project details.
— Learn how to work in QuickBooks to prepare PO’s, reports, etc.

Support Construction & installation with crew management, which may include:
· Review and approve crew time sheets, expense reports, etc. to ensure compliance with Company policy and project budgets.
· Assist in preparation of crew training and development program
· Support other Installation and Construction research and project work

Support the Leadership Team with company initiatives, which may include:
· Create reports to track progress.
· Research and analysis
· Prepare reports to Management

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Leadership Development Associate may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Lighting Technician may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.