JOB TITLE: Associate Sales Engineer
REPORTS TO: Director, Engineering

Position Summary:
The overall role of the Associate Sales Engineer (ASE) is to work with Sales, and Client Team Managers (CTMs) to audit and engineer a high volume of new projects, especially with repeat ESCO and team customers. To perform these tasks, the Associate Engineer must interface effectively with Sales, Customers, Operations, Vendors, and Eco staff to develop multiple projects simultaneously, often with the support of a Project Manager and/or Auditor. This position should expect to travel an average of 3.5 days per week.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Lighting audits, which includes:
• Receive Preliminary Assessment or Engineering Development Agreement from the Director of Engineering or CTM and schedule audit to meet Proposal Review date.
• Preparing and completing the “Pre-Survey Client Questionnaire” with the customer contact during an interview.
• Lead the investment grade audit, including a room by room fixture count with photos and/or light meter readings with support from Sales, Project Managers, Auditors, or contract auditors as needed. Include data to calculate EPAct deduction.
• Input all audit data into the computer or arrange for Project Manager or Auditor to input data.

2. Engineer the proposal, which includes:
• Optimizing lighting design quickly to achieve customer objectives – may include visual environment, payback standards, or maximum energy savings.
• Entering resulting ECM suggestions into the proposal software to create bill of materials, budget, and energy profile.
• Confirm labor assumptions with Sales and Installation organization, including Prevailing Wage requirements, if any.
• Calculate projected rebate savings and/or EPACT deduction where applicable.
• Confirming financial project review and pricing through the CTM or Director of Engineering and President.

3. Reformat our proposal data to the desired customer format, where needed:
• Communicating with sales/CTM to identify best presentation format.
• Updating the savings analysis and preparing a Measurement and Savings Verification Plan if needed.
• Ensuring specific fixture types have been sampled to confirm ECM choices will work.
• Ensuring we meet or exceed desired customer proposal submittal date.

4. Participate in project charter hand off meeting, which includes:
• Review final scope of work, budget, and implementation timeline with Sales/PM to “hand off “project.
• Create drawings where needed to guide installation crews.
• Prepare final bill of materials and final labor requirements with PM.
• Outline equipment needs/assumptions.

This description is not intended to include all possible job responsibilities. The Associate Sales Engineer may perform job-related tasks other than those mentioned here.