Lighting system upgrade projects led by Eco Engineering help our customers lower their operating costs and improve their visual environment. We are most proud that the energy reduction helps preserve the world for future generations.

The benefits of an upgrade to energy efficient lighting include the following:

Reduce Operating Expenses

The lighting portion of a monthly utility expense can be up to 30% of electricity costs, depending on the facility type and/or geographic location. Upgrading to a new energy efficient lighting system with advanced lighting controls can reduce this overall expense by 50-80%.

Improve Sustainability Profile

The scope of responsible environmental practices in corporate America has finally moved from the PR department to senior management. Major companies and institutions in all sectors of the economy have embarked on paths to reduce their carbon footprint and respond to the challenges associated with preserving our natural resources. Energy efficient lighting can play a significant role in the journey towards sustainability.

Evaluate Technology Options

The technology associated with energy efficient lighting is rapidly changing. The variety of products available for a lighting system upgrade requires selecting the right technology for your specific facility, which can be a daunting task. How do you evaluate your options from the perspective of energy savings, return on investment, lifespan, and quality of lighting?