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The Anatomy of an Audit

Any facility operator contemplating an energy efficient lighting project will justifiably ask questions concerning the project’s viability.   From projected demand reduction to energy cost savings and payback, plus everything in between, the operator seeks to mitigate risk, maximize returns and improve the overall lighting environment for associates and customers. It all starts with a good […]

Digital Marketing During Economic Pause & Beyond Trends, Tips, Best Practices

Webinar via Designhill Covid-19 has impacted a lot of businesses and has changed everything about the way businesses operate. Now it’s critical for brands to take into consideration the upcoming disruptions and challenges in order to “Thrive” and prepare for the “New Normal” Learn how digital marketing is evolving and how resilient organizations should leverage digital […]

Building Efficiency Podcast featuring Rhonda Courtney

Podcast with Jim Schafer Rhonda Courtney is the Director of ESCO Business Development at Eco Engineering. Ms. Courtney is based in Opelika, AL and joined Eco Engineering to help expand their energy efficient lighting business on a national platform. Ms. Courtney brings over 27 years of experience in the Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) and […]

Now Is the Time to Electrify Your Transportation

  Living in a new world where in-person interactions have been drastically reduced has forced many companies across various industries to transform their business models more rapidly than one would have ever thought possible six months ago. The pace at which companies have scaled their online commerce platforms, curbside pickup and delivery businesses, and remote […]

Through the Eyes of the Customer

The Mindset List for the incoming college class of 2024 provides some valuable social, economic, and cultural markers for this group of individuals born for the most part in 2002. Let’s take a look at the world through their eyes: Like Pearl Harbor for their grandparents, and the Kennedy assassination for their parents, 9/11 is […]